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Lose Weight

Gaining thinness without the weight

Available on CD  or as Download

  • Improve Your Attitude!



  • Enjoy Exercise More!


  • Feel Better About Yourself!


  • All Natural!


  • Apply To Any Safe Eating Plan!


  • Shed Those Extra Pounds!

In this amazing recording you will use the work booklet, the special hypnotic audio segments, and hypno-storytelling to focus your mind, your body, your emotions and your behaviors in the positives ways needed to be motivated to eat well, exercise and follow other recommendations from your physician.

Your Unconscious Mind can help you to Gain the Thinness you seek for your health and well being.

You should ONLY use this recording if you are ready to be and become the person you have been “weighting” to become all this time, and release that which you no longer need to be heavier than is healthy.

Note: You should consult with a physician regarding proper diet and exercise programs to be used with this motivational aide.

Full Set Includes all this:

Section #1 is entitled "How To Use a Hypnosis Recording." It will explain what to expect from the process of using a self hypnotic audio recording .

Section # 2 is a Guided Exploration of your desired change. It takes the place of a LIVE OFFICE VISIT and will help you set up your change for MAXIMUM EFFECT from the hypnotic audio recording . Here you answer some simple questions, and participate in some basic visualizations that will set your change into motion and help guarantee your  success. Be ready to ask yourself WHAT you need to do to improve your performance.  This combines, NLP, Generative thinking and other techniques to help you set your change into motion.

Section #3 and Section # 4 are unique individual trance sessions which will allow you to access the powerful unconscious portion of your mind, to TRANCE-form your old behaviors into new and more productive thoughts, feelings attitudes and ideas.  In the traditional recording, you hear one voice helping you to implement your attitude changes and create EXACTLY the Dental experience that you desire! 

Our recordings feature the power of Double Induction Hypno-Stereo and are an experience of comfort and expanded awareness like few others.  In the Double Induction Segment, Two metaphoric stories surround you in simultaneous relaxation, while your inner mind experiences "Generative Thinking" through these fairy tale like metaphors!

If your weight issues are extreme we suggest you try the Weight Control Super System for more thorough results



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