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Hypnosis For Regression

People often wonder how hypnosis can help someone experience a "past life regression.  Are they real?  What will I learn?  Each of these are valid questions.

Hypnosis, NLP and Holistic Sensory Response (tm) techniques are simply ways of accessing the powerful, dynamic helper that is INSIDE OF YOU already- your Unconscious Mind.

Everyone experiences Regressions in different ways.  Some people choose to do them because they feel that finding something from their past and understanding it may make a positive change in present problems.  Others simply wish to discover information about what they feel are past lives or even hidden memories within this lifetime.

No one knows for certain exactly what the information within a regression is or where and when it comes from, but one thing is certain- metaphoric or literal, the information retrieved from any regression can be a most enlightening and fascinating experience.

Please note that one thing we do NOT recommend using regressions for is for uncovering "repressed" memories of trauma.  Typically, if the mind has blocked a memory in such a powerful was as to make a person amnesic for it, there is probably good reason. Any attempts at retrieving that information should be done ONLY under the supervision of a licensed mental health counselor and qualified hypnotist.

If you are in the Orlando Area, call 407 851 0945 to set up appointments.

If you are far away, you may wish to locate a qualified practitioner of hypnosis in your area, or consider one of these self hypnotic audio programs:

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