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Palm Reading On CD

  • Makes Palm Reading SIMPLE


  • Fun to Listen to, 4 CD's


  • Great Companion to the book, "Palm Reading Plain And Simple"


  • Comes with illustration sheet!


  • Conversational Class, made easy!

You have always wanted to learn to read palms, and may have even attempted to read some of the many confusing books out there but still it makes NO SENSE!

Well, Now, HSR audio is proud to release Palm Reading On tape, a full day seminar. The author of this seminar has written books and taught HUNDREDS of people how to read palms in his live classes, Now he makes that live class available to people around the world.

This material is formatted in a way that builds from one section to the next, so you learn in small increments what all of those fleshy lumps, lines and fingers really say about YOU and your new love!

No need to wonder what is being talked about either, as there are PAGES of illustrations that accompany this tape set to help you make sense of everything that is being said.

In addition, Dean is a hypnotist so uses hypnotic language and techniques to teach to your UNCONSCIOUS mind as well allowing you to KNOW more than you think you know!

If you can't afford the cost or time to have Dean teach you live, this is the NEXT BEST THING!

Section One is the intro and basics, the principles behind why palm reading works, and the working definitions of "ologies" and "mancies" It also offers a nice Trance wrap up at the end of side One. it continues on side two with information about the Mountains, holographic nature of the hand, and what they mean.

Section Two Continues covering the fleshy pads in the rest of the hand as well as the Plane of Mars, and putting all you've learned together thus far. Side two discusses the meaning of overall hand shape, elemental hands, combinations hands and more.

Section Three Offers more Trance to help you integrate this information in an honest unconscious way so you can be competent in no time! Next it discusses the major lines of the hand, what their quality, direction and formation mean. Side two covers the latter  Major lines of the hand and helps put it all together to this point.

Section Four discusses the oft ignored MINOR lines of the hand, how those energies relate to the mountains (those fleshy pads) and the major lines. Side two discusses the fingers, finger shape, and finger formation.

Section Five continues with the fingers by examining each phalange of the finger and what it governs as well as the finger nails, nail shape and the over all meaning of the thumb. Side two helps to assemble this information together with what you already know using Trance, and then discusses the meaning of boxes, stars lines and other SHAPES in the hand and line formations.

Section Six covers material seldom found in any other palmistry books.  In this case it is information about Burns, cuts, scars, warts, dots, spots and more! and Side two is BONUS information about the effects of wearing rings and jewelry on the hand and hand energy as well as ways to CHANGE the subtle energy of your hand in such a way that you can alter what your hand says about you and CHANGE YOUR DESTINY!

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