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Self Hypnosis

The most basic form of self-hypnosis is a basic relaxation trance.  There are several ways to reach this type of state, and two such processes are outlined in this article.  If you wish further instruction, you may want to check out one of our self-hypnosis instructional tapes.   Or our  Learn Self Hypnosis Tape set.

Otherwise, please feel free to follow these instructions, and enjoy a nice time of relaxation.  These can be very useful for falling asleep.

WARNING: It is easy to become groggy or spaced out when using trance.  Be sure to guide yourself completely back from this state. Practice this technique ONLY where it would be theoretically safe to fall asleep. Do something active afterward to completely guide yourself back before doing any activities such as driving. Do not even READ this section unless it would be theoretically safe for you to drift off or fall asleep at this time.

Method One- 

Color progression.

There are various levels of brain activity, beta, alpha, theta and delta are only a few  Beta is the normal awake state.  Alpha is the light trance and relaxation state, before sleep for instance. Theta and Delta are deeper forms of trance and sleep like states, with delta being associated with deep learning states.

The mind responds to certain color images or thoughts and will place one into various levels in accordance with what w\one is visualizing or thinking of at a given time.  For instance, thinking of  a stressful situation is naturally going to place one in a level at beta or above.  As one imagines a relaxing scene, or thinks of a relaxing time, they will naturally re-enter an alpha sate.

It is not necessary to be able to make images in one’s mind, or to imagine pictures to do this, simply thinking about the individual colors will be enough.  If one has a difficult time thinking of a color floating on its own, then simply think of something that IS that color and then think about the color floating off of it.

The color spectrum, from red down to purple, corresponds with the various stages of relaxation which run from beta down to alpha- by following these instructions, you can easily enter a basic alpha state… if you are concerned about remembering these steps, then you may wish to record them on tape and play them back for yourself.


Sit or lay comfortably in an environment where you know you will not be disturbed. Make sure your clothing is comfortable and non-constricting. Make certain that the lighting level is also comfortable. When you begin, take some time with each color/ level, and simply notice the feelings in your body and how they change as you take the time to go through the process.

Beginning at Beta, the awakened state, close your eyes and take three, DEEP, slow breaths.  Notice how, as you inhale, you build up certain tension in your shoulders and chest, and as you exhale completely, he tensions flows away with the exhalation.

In your mind, visualize or think of the color RED.  Red is associated with he beta state.  There is no need to make a picture of the color red, if you are not good with visualization, simply think f the color if that is all you can do.  If you have difficulty working with an abstract color, simply think of something that is that color, like a fire engine or apple, and think about the color drifting off the object or the object coming closer until all that is there is the color red. Notice how you are feeling at this moment, notice the rhythm of your breath and the way the thoughts run through your head.

Now, imagine the color Orange. Simple allow the red to fade, and be replaced in your mind with a vivid orange color and notice how the mind and body already begin to make subtle changes as they move toward the relaxed Alpha state. Imagine what it would be like to comfortably breath in that color, Orange and notice the warm, comfortable secure feelings that begin to accompany this.  Stay here for a moment, and simply enjoy this state of being.

Step #3- Allow the thoughts of orange to fade to thoughts of a vivid yellow, like a fresh lemon or newly bloomed butter cup flower.  Often the breath changes to a slightly faster but deeper one at this point, almost like a sigh or quick yawn. Notice any changes that happen in your overall state and enjoy the shift in attention from outside yourself to inside.  If there are any thoughts or outside sounds that distract you, they can be acknowledged and allowed to drift away at this point. They need not be important.

The fourth step will be more profound a change as you allow the color of focus to become green, like a freshly mowed meadow. Notice how with this green there is less movement of the body, and it becomes less of a challenge to simply drift and relax.  Also notice what comforting images thoughts or sounds come into your mind if any. Take a few moments to enjoy this level before proceeding to the next to the last level before Alpha.

Now, allow the color on your mind to transform to beautiful blue.  A blue color like deep blue eyes, or a light sky blue, as you see fit will do nicely.  Enjoy the slow comfortable breathing, and the quietness of the mind.

And as you enter alpha, think of the color purple, and deep royal purple and what it would be like to allow the color to surround you in a comfortable light or mist. You have reached a basic alpha state.

At this point you can do several things. You can allow yourself to go back through the colors to awaken completely. You can simply enjoy this level, and possibly drift to sleep. You can focus upon goals or outcomes you wish to set for yourself, and how to obtain them. You can deepen the state using the thinking of visualization plan provided next.


Think of yourself stepping out of the purple color and into a white hallway.  Again, you need not visualize this, simply think about it if need be.  The hallway can be made of white marble, or carpeted, and notice as you walk down it, 5 steps to the end, what sounds you might also notice in this hall.  The hallway ends at the top of a comfortable set of stairs.  You may think of or imagine these stairs anyway you like, but know that there are 21 steps to the bottom.  If stairs are uncomfortable for you, then steps of clouds, or an escalator can be used.  ANYTHING that allows you to descend into a deeper state is fine.

Now, begin descending one level at a time, counting from 21 to 0 as you do, taking your time and going down one level for each breath you take.

Notice how your can feel your mind drifting into a more relaxed, entrancing and trance-formative state with each step you think about taking.  When you reach the bottom, you may even be approaching the top of the Theta level of trance.

How To Use The Trance

Suggestions or Goals if you prefer must have certain qualities in order to be effective.  Learning self hypnosis is best taught in an office setting by a licensed professional hypnotist, and a text instruction like this can only be expected to be used for the most basic of relaxation and goal setting until the individual has become more practiced at using the unconscious mind.

 You can however allow this state to be a doorway to using your own unconscious resources if you follow some simple guidelines and write down and set a goal BEFORE entering the trance state as outlined above.

 To use the trance, you need to formulate a goal, preferably in writing, and it must meet these guidelines:

  • The goal must be stated in the positive.  State what you WANT rather than what you don’t want.
  • The Goal must include all the descriptive information about who, what, when and where you wish to have this goal.  BE SPECIFIC!
  • You just include a specific sense of HOW you would know if you had achieved the goal. On an internal level, what would you see, think, feel and hear.
  • What resources would you need, from INSIDE yourself, in order to have this goal? What would you have to b able to do, what would you need to believe, what would have to be different about your identity?
  • Once that is done, take the page of text, and boil it down to one positively states sentence and insert it into the following paragraph which you should read, aloud or silently several times before entering this trance.

PRE TRANCE SCRIPT:  I am asking my unconscious mind for its protection and its help with the following goal:    (Insert your sentence here)       in just the right and healthful ways for me.  I trust my unconscious mind to help me take care of the specific steps and procedures needed to allow me to generate the new options, feelings, thoughts and behaviors to accomplish this as I enter this trance-formative space.

Then enter the trance state, and allow your unconscious mind to do the rest.


Be patient with your unconscious mind!  If you haven’t been listening to it or working with it for a while, it may take time to build rapport so it will work with you.   Also, if you are trying to change some behavior or thinking, you may need to examine what the positive intent of that behavior is- in other words, what side BENEFIT does it give you. Even if the behavior itself SEEMS to be negative, try to imagine what positive side effect it may have for you.  You may need to figure out another way to achieve the same positive side effect for the negative behavior to be gotten rid of.

Good luck and HAPPY TRANCING!!!!




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